13 Free Travel Apps You Will Actually Use

Planning a trip can be a pain, but it’s 2017, so that means you probably have an iPhone or a high-tech phone that can help out in that department. Therefore you have the necessary tools to make your vacation a breeze, Apps. That’s right! Apps nowadays can help you book a hotel, book a flight, set a budget, make a grocery list and so on. But Honestly though, choosing the best apps can be more confusing than actually deciding where to stay and how to get there. Since it is my goal to help people, and I mean that sincerely, then I want to share the best, most helpful and free apps that I use all the time. Whether it’s a new country I am visiting or just a city a few hours away, these apps have made my life easier when traveling. The best part is they are FREE! Visit the AppStore and check them out.

By the way, if you’re planning a trip check out these tips to save money on your next vacation!  If you’re getting ready to go on a trip my must-have travel tips will save you time, money and headaches.


Roadtrippers. What an excellent app to help you plan that off the beaten path road trip. An awesome way to plan, discover and navigate the U.S. I’ve discovered some hidden gems, like yummy restaurants,  using this app.

Postagram  A fantastic app that sends postcard-like photos anywhere in the world. This app is free but there are charges to send a postcard, but if you’re already buying someone a card, it’s cheaper than a store-bought-card.  At just two dollars a card anywhere in the US or three dollars outside the US, with shipping included, you can send family and friends a piece of your adventure. A card will take anywhere from three to eight business days in the US, Europe and Canada and two to three weeks to other international destinations to arrive. I, hands down, love this app. I’ve sent Christmas cards, birthday cards, hello cards and just “hey, wish you were here” cards and every single one my family and friends have loved. My favorite part about these postcards is that they can be customized! Add your favorite photo, change the colors and the style, and bam you have a beautifully personalized card! Plus the photo you chose can actually pop out and the message you write on the card is also saved on the back. You can frame the picture and freeze those words and memory in time forever. It’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  Yes! I have all the heart eyes for this app.
*Download the app and use PROMO CODE ParisandJune to get a FREE card!  

DB Navigator  Book your train tickets in Europe using this handy-dandy app. Europe’s train system is fantastic. You can get virtually anywhere via train. Sometimes though, the connections get a bit confusing, mainly because of the language barrier. In this app, you can set a preferred language from the beginning; type in departure and destination city and the route is mapped out, along with connections and waiting time. The train tickets, of course, cost money but the app is free and extremely helpful for booking any train trips.  When traveling the app not only shows all the connections but it tracks your journey. Great stuff!

RMV  Through this free app you can book city transportation such as buses, trollies or city trains right from your phone.  Now the actual bus rides are not free, you do have to pay for those but the app is free to use.  All you have to do is purchase your ticket and show the barcode to the bus driver when/if he asks for it and you’re set.

Waze  A navigation and live traffic app that is free to use. Here in Germany they even provide the location of traffic cameras; this helps avoid any speeding or traffic light tickets.

Uber Get a ride from point A to point B at a super reasonable price. Uber is usually cheaper than a Taxi, so it’s a win for us all!  I am giving you $5 off your first four rides.

XE Currency   Check out the exchange rate based on the country you’re visiting. Comes in handy when converting Dollars to Euros or any other currency for that matter.

Global WIFI. This app will help you find a WIFI spot anywhere you are in the world.

Google Translate.  Are you going to a country where you don’t understand the language? This app will help you translate just about every language there is. All you have to do is, type it in, write it in, or take a picture and it will translate it for you. It’s not always accurate, but for the most part, it is reliable.

Pocket Lingo. When I book a vacation, I try to educate myself on the country I am visiting. I start with Pocket Lingo, not because it tells me about the culture of the town or city but because it tells me about how to speak the language. This app has helped me in the middle of asking for water or a particular dish at a restaurant. It has also helped me ask for directions and how to say “Hello, I’d like a table for two, please.” Although I did purchase the upgrade for a few dollars, the app is free. Choose from the different languages based on your needs.  The upgraded app, for me, was well worth it. I’ve used Pocket Lingo in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and so many other countries.

Airbnb. It is like a hotel, but different. Hosts list their rooms, houses, or property for rent, so you’re staying in someone’s home or rental property. In comparison to a hotel, it’s cheaper, homier and extremely convenient.  Although you don’t get the usual frills of a hotel concierge, the hosts are wonderful, and you get advice from a local. A lot of rentals have kitchens and backyards, something you don’t get in a hotel. If traveling with a group (or family) and need multiple rooms, the cost per person is significantly cheaper. Talk about more bang for your buck. Their free app makes it convenient to book right from your phone.
Bonus: If you’re looking to make extra cash, you can list an open room in your house for rent through Airbnb. It is an easy way to bring in additional income.
Get a $40 voucher from me towards your first Airbnb adventure.

Tripadvisor  A free app where you can read reviews to any restaurant or place of interest and compare prices to hotels, tours and so much more.

Expedia  Another free app where you can compare prices and book flights, hotels, and car rentals.


Happy dowloading you guys! Hope these apps are as helpful to you as they have been for me. What apps do you use all the time?


With gratitude,



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