How To Travel The World Without Breaking The Bank

From a young age, I’ve had a thirst for knowledge that is insatiable and drives my boundless curiosity. That thirst for knowledge steered me to take the road less traveled. I’ve discovered that I am in search of higher truth and wisdom. In my self-improvement journey, I found travel soothes my soul. But travel has done so much more for me. It has expanded my horizons, changed the way I think and view others and the world. Traveling enriches the soul and makes it abundant in adventures that no one can ever take away.
On a family road trip through New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada we walked the Hoover Dam, stared in awe at the valleys of the Grand Canyon and saw the beautiful Bellagio water fountain in Las Vegas. So many experiences for seventeen-year-old me. From that trip, I decided that I would always travel and see all the world has to offer no matter my circumstances. My adventurous spirit has taken me to many places. Paris France, Playa Del Carmen Mexico, Brussels Belgium, Heidelberg Germany, New Orleans Louisiana and so many other places.  I’ve also learned a thing or two about travel and put together travel tips that have helped me and will help you save time, stress and headaches.

I think it is important to discover who you are and what drives your heart and being. Traveling will unlock versions of you, you didn’t know existed. Since it is my goal to empower you to live life to the fullest, I am revealing all of my secrets and tools, to help you save hard cash on any trip. Traveling costs money of course. One thing that has helped me keep my pocketbook happy when booking any trip has been my research. Before I book any vacation or adventure, I investigate and explore my choices. The websites I am recommending, I’ve personally used and continue to use on my travels.

Hotels. I recommend downloading the free apps that these websites have. Being able to book a hotel or flight right from your phone is extremely convenient.

Airbnb. It is like a hotel, but different. Hosts list their rooms, houses, or property for rent, so you’re staying in someone’s home or rental property. In comparison to a hotel, it’s cheaper, homier and extremely convenient.  Although you don’t get the usual frills of a hotel concierge, the hosts are wonderful, and you get advice from a local. A lot of rentals have kitchens and backyards, something you don’t get in a hotel. If traveling with a group (or family) and need multiple rooms, the cost per person is significantly cheaper. Talk about more bang for your buck. Their free app makes it convenient to book right from your phone.
Bonus: If you’re looking to make extra cash, you can list an open room in your house for rent through Airbnb. It is an easy way to bring in additional income.
Get a $40 voucher from me towards your first Airbnb adventure.

Expedia. A great website to find hotel and flight deals (and even car rentals). In my research, I always compare prices. Expedia is a great tool for price comparison. The best part is their free App. A great tool to have because it sends real-time updates for an upcoming trip. The Expedia app saved the day more than once for me. (Read more about it here).

Trip Advisor. A must have. Before booking any trip I always, always always, read the reviews on this site. The reviews are very reliable and by real people. The hotel prices are also competitive and comparable. A site like Expedia, where you can book a hotel, flight and car all in one place. I am giving you a 15 Euro reward towards your booking on behalf of  A website where you can book hotels, flights and vacation packages. I’ve found some great hotel deals on here.

Vacalia. A site that is similar to Airbnb but specializes in the Mediterranean market. They take pride in working locally. If you’re visiting Mallorca or Costa Blanca, check out their beautiful villas for rent.

VRBO. A site, similar to Airbnb. The difference is they rent out entire homes. They have over one million rentals in 190 countries. The prices are competitive and cheaper than a hotel. You can also list your rental house or property like on Airbnb.


Flights. Highly recommend signing up for their email updates. You get alerts on cheap flights. I’ve flown to so many places and stayed under budget because of these awesome last minute announcements.

Skyscanner. A site with competitive flight prices. Useful to compare flights’ prices and find good deals. They also have hotels and car rentals. Offers affordable airline prices and have excellent customer service.

Globehunters Offer competitively priced flights to travel destinations anywhere in the world.

Airfarewatchdog. A site to find great flight and hotel bargains. I’ve found great flight prices on this site and have only great things to say about it.


Car Transportation. I recommend downloading their apps.

Uber. Like Airbnb, Uber is a transportation system by people like you and me who want to make some extra cash.  Get $5 off each of your first four rides from me. Yay!

Budget. You’ve heard of this car rental company. We used them on our trip to Breckenridge Colorado and had no problems.

Fox Rent A Car. Another car rental company we’ve used and liked. They are world wide too.


My advice to everyone: “Travel! The world is a beautiful and wonderful place. Go out there. Explore. Talk to the locals. Get lost! Be brave. Grow wiser. Become so rich with experiences that will profoundly and permanently change the way you view and live life!” -By yours truly.
Visiting new places fuels the fire in my heart. My hope is that you’re able to use these resources to book your next trip and save some money. Maybe you’ll discover that traveling lights a fire in your heart too.

Tell me about your latest vacation or trip? Where did you go and what did you do to save money?

As always, stay safe!




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