How To Wear A Leather Jacket

The styling power of a classic leather jacket in the fall is at top of the Fashion meter.  It’s so cool!  When it comes to a leather jacket, it can transform an outfit in fun and unexpected ways. Colder weather this Fall is the perfect excuse to add a black leather jacket to a wardrobe.  Why black? It’s goes with everything and gives many outfit pairing options. I like options!

My simple, yet stylish leather jacket look is comfortable and a go-to for many occasions: brunch, girls night out, date night, concert (the list goes on).  Plus it gives me that edgy look I crave from time to time (*wink wink).


Leather Jacket:  Find a similar one at Fashion Mia, Macy’s

Legging or Jeans: Old Navy, Amazon

Plain T-Shirt: Banana Republic, Amazon

♥   STYLE TIPS   ♥

Add a pop of color: Pops of Color insert the fun into just about anything. Same thing goes for any outfit. I added a pop of Fall color with nail polish and lipstick. Very simple and easy to do.

Nail Polish Color: Malaga Wine by O.P.I. from Sally’s

On a different note, I LOVE dogs! My parent’s Miniature Poodle, Daisy, is the definition of an absolute sweetheart, and I love her like family! She’s a senior now but still as beautiful as ever.  This particular day she followed me around and decided she’d like to be in the pictures.  I was happy she wanted to join me; I’ll take her Lovins any day of the week.  Guys, meet sweet Daisy girl!

Keep it casual: Sneakers are a way to add some (sometimes) much-needed comfort to any outfit. My sneaker of choice is plain white Chuck Taylors. They go with EVERYTHING! A pair of clean and simple Nike’s would also look great.  If you have pair of Toms in a color that goes well with black, take those babies out for a spin.


A little icing on the cake!

Dress it up: Add a pair of colorful pumps to dress up your outfit and you’re ready for date night!


Fall is a beautiful season and a great opportunity to style your outfits differently! Take advantage of it!

Until next time loves, Cheers!


With gratitude,


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