Stone House

How To Build An Outdoor Sofa In 12 Simple Steps

I am a DIYer at heart. My hands are tools and made to create. As I mentioned in my Wood Sign DIY, I’ve made tutus, sewed blankets, remodeled my kitchen, painted furniture, and installed outdoor lighting. You name it; I’ve probably done it.  My goal is to share all the DIYs I’ve gotten my hands on so that you can see the difference and hopefully give you a little encouragement to go ahead and try it. We chose to build…

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7 Steps To A Dreamy Gallery Wall

Do you have a blank wall in your house and don’t know what to do with it or how to decorate it? A gallery wall or picture collage is a compelling way to add interest, personality, and pizazz to any wall.  It’s easy with these seven steps and a lot of fun! If you add pieces that have a meaning to you, then it makes the wall that much better. Plus it’s a talking piece. Trust me, the story behind…

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10 Easy Steps to Stunning Outdoor Patio Lighting

We got lights!!! Patio lights that is. I absolutely love how they turned out. Hands in the air trying to start the wave. Oh wait, it’s just me here. Ha. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, where were we? Ah yes, patio lights! Outdoor patios are an extension of the inside of our home. It’s where BBQs happen and our families gather.  Patios are important. When the weather is nice, we enjoy them even more. Outdoor…

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Before/After Master bedroom

Here it is! Before and After of our master bedroom. The yellow room is before we bought the house. The color of the walls although bright, lively and happy just didn’t go well with our furniture, and the colors I had in mind. We painted the walls a dark gray because I wanted the room to feel cozy and comfy. Our latest addition the bed, has been my favorite part of this room. I absolutely love it! It’s super comfy.…

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Master Bedroom

Here it is,  a glimpse at our master bedroom.  A place where the heaviness of the day, just fades away. It’s cold, yet cozy. Silent yet full of life. In this room, I often find myself day dreaming {and literally, dreaming}, planning my life, solving the worlds problems and talking to God.  My little piece of heaven. Where my heart is truly full, my breaths are calmer, my soul is at peace and I know that everything with the world is…

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Surprisingly Easy Board and Batten DIY In 12 Steps

Who wants some charm in their house?  I DO!!! So I went out there, found it, bought it and installed it [well … my hubby did, I painted it and gave instructions].  New houses now a days although beautiful, don’t have the charm that older homes have. They are missing the pretty woodwork, the arch ways and tall trees that older homes have.  When I say new homes, I mean the ones in neighborhoods, because you can have a new house with…

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