Self Improvement

The Art of Being Grateful

When I was a six grader during my ESOL class, I found myself writing a homework list and study list on a separate blank page while the teacher was speaking about our assignments. The school was different than in Mexico, that along with our recent move to a foreign country made me feel overwhelmed. The lists I made were lifesavers and became a habit that forever changed my life. Every Morning, I wake up and eat breakfast. After, while drinking…

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Game Plan, Adapt & Overcome 

It’s 2017! Can you believe it? Time is flying! Or at least that’s what it feels like. Where is the pause button? Oh yeah . . . there is no such thing. That’s why you need to Plan, Adapt & Overcome in 2017. Everyone is busy getting back in their routines. The kids are back in school. You’re back at work and trying to juggle a million things at a time. But it’s a new year and with it, you…

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7 Habits for a Successful Morning Routine

What a better way to start than by a quote from one of my favorite philosophers, Aristotle. What is a habit? It is an acquired behavior pattern, which when performed regularly it becomes involuntary.  You don’t even think about it. For example, when you wake up and head over to the bathroom sink to brush your teeth, you don’t spend minutes trying to figure out how to take the cap off the toothpaste, then putting toothpaste on your toothbrush, bringing…

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