Make Up

Winging it

I got wings… eyeliner wings sillies. While Pinteresting today, I ran across some make up tips and then thought to my self “I should wing it . . . yeahhh why not?” Sometimes I say that referring to things that I probably shouldn’t wing. But this time I was referring to eyeliner. Thanks for the great idea Pinterest!   To be honest eye liner is intimidating. I have big beautiful eyes (yes I am proud of my facial features as you…

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Sephora got me like

Sephora!!! Omg, I could seriously spend hours in this store…not because I just love make up but because most of the time they have sooooooo many options I become overwhelmed. Lol. See what I mean! I LOVE Sephora!!! I want to buy everything. EVERY-THING! But then again I’d be broke if I did that and then have no money to buy all the other crap I want. This time around I kept my shopping monster inside; I spent thirty minutes…

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