Healthy Shredded Chicken and Vegetables Recipe

Ever ran into a picture of professional athletes, body builders, or fitness models on Instagram and gawked at their perfectly sculpted bodies and wondered, how is that even possible? Who doesn’t want a body like that right? I know I do. What most people fail to realize is how hard these people work to achieve those results; consistent determination in the gym, along with healthy dieting, propelled them to reach such aesthetics. The key to becoming fit, staying in shape…

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Healthy Smoothie Recipe With 7 Ingredients

Eating healthy is a choice! We all make that choice every day whether we realize it or not.  When it comes to food, the options are endless. Some are healthy and others not so much. Being the accountant that I am, I am always assessing myself and making improvements. Food choices are one of the areas that I’ve improved tremendously over the past 5 years. I’ve added smoothies to my diet and I absolutely love them. Smoothies can be a snack…

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