Healthy Shredded Chicken and Vegetables Recipe

Ever ran into a picture of professional athletes, body builders, or fitness models on Instagram and gawked at their perfectly sculpted bodies and wondered, how is that even possible? Who doesn’t want a body like that right? I know I do. What most people fail to realize is how hard these people work to achieve those results; consistent determination in the gym, along with healthy dieting, propelled them to reach such aesthetics. The key to becoming fit, staying in shape…

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The Best Delicious and Healthy Asparagus Recipe

Eating healthy seems to be a daunting task most people would rather avoid. I feel you. A burger sounds tastier than a salad. But you and I both know that a burger is not healthier than a salad. Slowly, step away from the carbs!  In my attempt to live a healthier life, although never horrible, I drastically improved my eating habits over the last five years. (These Five healthy and super easy (kid-approved) snacks help me keep my hanger in check along…

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5 Easy, No-Bake Snacks That Are Healthy And Energizing

Personally, I love chips! And I love snacking. If I didn’t snack throughout the day my stomach would come out of my body and murder me. Death by stomach all over the morning news! All kidding aside though, chips are not good for me. They are not good for anyone as a matter of fact. Loaded with carbs and bad fats, they are a recipe for a health disaster in the long run.  Although I love chips, every day I…

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Tea & Dirty Dancing

My teas arrived today!!! Woop woop…this is a reason for the happy dance! (Visual: Abi dancing salsa around the house, barefoot, hands in the air, shaking her hips side to side, back and forth showing off her Dirty Dancing moves). What can I say? I love to dance; except my moves look nothing like the movie. You liked that visual right? I knew you would. Tehehe!! Harney & Sons was introduced to me by a lovely lady at work, who loves…

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Greens on the side Recipe

“I don’t love sides.” Said no one ever! Sides are yummy and a great way to decorate your dish with additional nutrients our bodies need. This side dish came together accidentally when I was cooking dinner one night. I didn’t have much in the fridge except for broccoli, coliflower and frozen spinach. I decide to combine the three and it came out so good that I ended up adding it to my dinner rotation. This recipe is healthy and easy!…

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6 Reasons why you should buy Pet Supplies at Chewy

Have you heard of Well let me tell you, this awesome little website was introduced to my by a good friend who loves her puppies like family, and like me wants nothing but to keep her puppies healthy and happy on a good budget. is awesome!!! Why? Let’s break this down. For starters, they have top food brands, toys, flea maintenance, grooming and so much more for your furry friends at fabulous prices. When I did the price…

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