Back To School: Where To Find Good Deals To Save Big

Shopping for Back-to-School is a yearly task that requires energy and effort. But Abril, you don’t have kids! Oh, no, not yet. I do, however, have teenage brothers who require school supplies, clothes, fidget spinners and whatever other cool trends kids these days have. The boys are now older, and that means shopping has gotten easier for my parents. When my brothers were younger, I remember my parents looking for good deals during the summer and as the first day of school approached. Being the responsible big sister that I am, I helped.

Here are some tips and online shops I’ve found over the years that will help you save money.

Tips how to save money

  1. Use what you already have. Check your inventory at home. You may have an extra box of crayons and few notebooks hidden somewhere.
  2. Check the supplies list if you have one. Compare it to the supplies you may already have on hand and mark off what you don’t need.
  3. Before heading out to shop, gather coupons, redeem points and/or look for that Kohl’s cash.
  4. Shop early. This way you have more time to take advantage of sales going on, on different weekends.
  5. Shop different stores. I’ve found that I save the most money when I go to different stores. If you want to stick to one store, see if they price match.
  6. Shop on TAX-FREE Weekend. Taxes add up! Hit up the stores with the masses and save.
  7. Second-hand shops always have good deals.
  8. Shop the clearance section.
  9. If you see a good sale, stock up. School supplies for next year at a discount are a big win!


Discount School Supply has all the supplies you need. Arts & Craft, books, classroom furniture and more. Right now they have “Get up to $50 off and free shipping.”
Amazon is a Teacher’s best friend.   Plus they have great deals on kids clothes and school supplies. Check out the Boys’ checklist and Girls’ Checklist. Right now you can get up to 25% off on school apparel.

Macy’s has some cool styles. The best part is you can use a coupon and get an additional discount. Sometimes they send coupons via mail or sign up for their email alerts to get the latest deals.
At Kohl’s you can always bet that you’re going to find a cute outfit. Check out these $20 and under dresses for Juniors. Don’t forget about that Kohl’s Cash!
If your child wears uniforms, on August 12th ONLY save 40% on school uniforms through  Target or save 25% through the 11th of August.  What a great deal!
Old Navy Get free shipping on orders of $50 or more.
PatPat Right now they have a flash sale on their Kids Autumn Jackets (Starting at $12.99)

My brothers don’t need accessories, but I have two cute little nieces that love being girly. Claire’s always has my back. I’ve always found the cutest little earrings and glitteriest girly stuff you can imagine  Right now they have Buy 1 Get 1 Free until August 21st.

Everyone needs a good pair of sneakers. Nike and New Balance are always a must visit before school starts. Right now Nike has a save 20% when you use code 20. Save 15% at New Balance by using code BTSBLAST.

There you have it loves. What do you guys do to save money on back to school? I’d love to add it to my list.

Happy Shopping!



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