Welcome to Paris and June!!! My name is Abril and this is a lifestyle blog where I share the life adventures I am lucky to experience with my husband, Cecil.  Whether you’re here by accident, total coincidence, or on purpose, there is a reason why you’re here. I hope Paris and June inspires you, to go out there and fearlessly fulfill your dreams.  My goal is to help enhance your current living situation in some way, and to empower you to live a happy life to the fullest! 

About Abril: I am the author and creator of Paris & June. Free spirited, bubbly, happy, curious, daring, and adventurous are a few words that describe me best.  I love a warm cup of tea in my hands, road trips and the way the wind feels in my hair when the sunroof is open, my pearl earrings, organizing, the feeling of clean sheets, super spicy food and chips, my mom’s authentic Mexican food, and my dad‘s Thanksgiving dinner and BBQs.  Most of all I love life!

Cecil and I met in college and got married after we graduated. He is my best friend, my strong and steady, and the man who inspires me to be the best version of myself every day.  Although we don’t have kids yet, we are an extremely happy family of four. Four? Yep, Charlie and Lucy are part of the family. Two Miniature Schnauzers spoiled rotten by pretty much everyone who knows them, but mainly by us.  Together we live a happy, zealous, fearless, fiery, and adventurous life.

At the end of 2016, our little family got the amazing opportunity to live in Europe and we took it! We tossed all caution to the wind and moved our comfortable Texas life to Germany.  It was a chance to experience the world. Now we get to go on new adventures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Why does Paris & June Blog exist: My answer is very personal; but the short answer is, God told me to write! Yes. In a dream, God said, “Write!  After a few months of research, I started this blog and fulfilled my dream with God. Religion is part of my life but I am not an extremist.  My belief is that God is always present and he knows my heart best.  Deep down, I imagine he wants me to fulfill a part of my destiny by inspiring, influencing, and improving the lives of others through writing. Full Disclosure: For months, I debated whether to mention this to anyone. Not because I am ashamed but simply because prejudice and judgment are present when God or religion is brought up.  The real truth is that he is the reason why this blog got started! 

Paris and June blog has something for everyone so kick back with a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite drink in hand and enjoy!

Cheers here is to living life to the fullest!