9 Bible Verses to Inspire, Encourage, and Uplift your Spirit

What a world we live in! Have you ever stopped to ponder on how amazing the earth is? It is beautiful with luscious landscapes, oceans, mountains, trees, animals and most importantly human life.  This land is magnificent and full of wonder and possibilities. But we rarely notice. We are swallowed by the stresses of life as soon as our alarm goes off.  It seems we have no time to stop and allow our center of gravity to align with our values, our thoughts, and our hearts. Consumed by the busyness of living every day we remember life is precious only in extreme circumstances like a loved one’s death. We forget to realize that every second, every minute, every hour, counts.
Growing up, I remember my dad working so hard. But I also remember that when we had family time, he was all in. He was present and laughed and put us all first. He didn’t allow his busy schedule to intervene with making the most out of his time with us. I admired that, I still do.  My brain constantly goes. A million thoughts circle in my head faster than the speed of light before 8 AM. No kidding.  Ask my husband, Cecil. God bless him.  I never stop. One day my dad notice how stressed I was and over dinner, he said: “Mija (my girl), slow down. Stop. Look up and smell the roses!  You’re going to look back one day and realize that you’ve missed out on so much.”  His words resonated with me so deeply. I realized I was going too fast on life. Everything was coming at me from different directions, and the load would get so dense that I would get down and discouraged.  I needed to slow down and smell the roses.  But how?
Bible verses. Some nights, I open my bible and pick a verse and contemplate. (Find a similar Bible here)  Then I talk to God and ask for his guidance. A notebook and pen are always on my nightstand so I can write down whatever comes to mind. (The simple journal I use and my college pen obsession.) Whether it’s the verse I read or to-dos for the following day if it’s keeping me up, it gets written down. In my thoughts journal, I found nine consistent Bible verses that have uplifted me in times when I felt unmotivated, uninspired, and overwhelmed.  These verses have kept me grounded and focused on what’s important.  To this day, no matter how busy my day gets, I find a small pause in my day to reflect and take it all in.

Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5)

Do not confirm by the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2)

I will not be shaken (Psalm 16:8)

He will sustain you (Isaiah 46:4)

I loved you at your darkest (Romans 5:8)

I am with you always (Matthew 28:20)

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I (Psalm 61:2)

Cling to what is good. (Romans 12:9)

He has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11)


In my moments of weakness, I’ve found the good Lord’s grace. Waiting there to help me. To pick me back up from the ground and put me back on my feet. He can do the same for you. Whether you’re stressed or your living life so fast that it feels like you’re spinning out of control, it is important to remember that God is always there, no matter how busy life gets and no matter what curb balls life throws at you. Trust the Lord and his grace, and you will have nothing to fear!  With him in your heart, feel confident that this moment is perfect in every way. Remember to “Stop. Look up and smell the roses.”

What Bible verses motivate you? Do you have any that you live by? I’ve love to hear how they inspire you.




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