5 Fall Must-Haves Under $25

Fall is in full swing!  Along with the pretty colors, drop in temperature, and falling leaves we get fantastic fall fashion.  Sweaters, scarves, leggings, booties and anything cozy and warm. Yay! I love fall. Well, I love all the seasons. They all have something new to offer every year, and I respect every one of them for what they bring. Fall though, it represents the of summer and the beginning of winter. It brings us a beautiful reminder that life is ever-changing, different in every stage, yet miraculously full of blessings. The temperature drops a bit in some places like Texas and others the difference is incredibly distinct, like Germany. No matter where I live, I always make sure I have following fashion items with me. They are my Fall must-haves and guess what? They are all under $25.

Cozy Sweaters are just homie! There’s really no other way to put it. I have different ones from various stores. These particular ones are from Banana Republic and Old Navy. I’ve also bought some from Zulily (not pictured) that are a steal. Great online store.


Not sure how many times a chunky or knitted scarf saved my day. They are very cozy and will keep me warm for the day. Plus, these warm scarves are a great way to accessorize and add style to your outfit. Double duty and more bang for my buck.  Scarves.com always has great deals and a ton a choices. Check them out. You won’t regret it. Wink-wink!


Fall nails are a must for this girl. Since I am not into coffee or pumpkin smells, I don’t turn on pumpkin candles or drink pumpkin lattes. But when fall kicks in, my nails match the atmosphere. OPI and Essie products are at the top of my list. Sally’s Beauty Supply always has the sales that sing to my heart.  Last time I shopped there, I got three OPI nail polishes for under $10 bucks with their sale and my coupon.


A hat keeps my head warm when it gets cooler outside. The added style is just extra. I love the look of Berets and Cloches. Check out the hat selection on Amazon.


A pair of booties is a must in the fall gals. Not only do they keep your feet warm but they are super comfy and stylish. They are my go-to shoes when I go exploring new cities.  “These boots are made for walking!” But seriously though, I get my money’s worth with a pair of boots because I put some serious mileage on those babies.  I have a pair from G.H. Bass that I wore to the ground. They literally had no more soles and were begging for mercy, “retire me!” Amazon has an amazing selection of booties you guys and the free shipping is icing on the cake.


Enjoy this fall season loves! Time flies, and it is always important to be present in every moment. Be grateful for each day you get to take one more breath and dress that beautiful body of yours. What are your fall must-haves? Anything in particular that you can’t live without?

Till next time, take care & as always cheers!

With gratitude,


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