37 Items You Need In A Survival Kit + Free Printable

Hurricanes are prominent in the Gulf of Mexico; happening sometimes as often as once a year, one right after the other. They are famous for bringing disaster, tragedy, and despair to the coast and surrounding islands.

Hurricane Harvey wrecked shop on the Texas Coast. Realistically speaking, it annihilated everything in its path, claimed lives, and left families and homes destroyed. It happened in the blink of an eye, and sadly most folks were left confused trying to decipher what happened and how to move forward.

Natural disasters, in the midst of chaos, tend to bring out the best in people. We set aside our differences and lend a helping hand to those in need. In the case of Hurricane Harvey, we saw citizens of Texas, and other states stand up and run to aid those in flood waters without hesitation. People, along with first responders, the coast guard, and many others, arrived with boats, helicopters, and large trucks to help rescue trapped families, individuals and animals; knowing they were putting their own lives in danger. Food and clothing were donated. People volunteered. Companies, singers, actors, and ordinary citizens donated funds to the worthy cause of helping rebuild the Texas Coast. The moving videos and photos of rescues, volunteers helping, people donating household goods, and shelters full of flood victims inspired the world. What a beautiful sight in the middle of tragedy and devastation!

For donations, make sure the charity or organization you are donating to is legitimate. Below are two reputable organizations that I’ve personally given to and trust.

Unfortunately, disasters happen all the time around the world. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, floods, landslides, volcano eruptions, fires, car wrecks, explosions, radiation and so much more. Because disasters are unpredictable, it is important to be as prepared as possible. Seems like a daunting task though, how do you prepare for a catastrophe? By putting together a survival kit.  Plan ahead and be prepared. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What is a survival kit? It is a package, you can easily access, grab and go, in the case of an emergency.  It contains essential supplies you need to survive temporarily, along with important documents.

Now you may be asking why? Why do I need a survival kit? Fair question. The answer lies in the following question. What happens when disaster strikes? Panic! People flood the grocery stores and fuel pumps. The bare necessities, like water and food, are wiped out in a matter of hours. Others, alarmed and terrified, evacuate their homes leaving everything behind (including valuable information they may later need). Therefore, a survival kit is essential!

Below is a list of 37 Items you need in a survival kit. Here is a Free Printable. These items can be purchased via Amazon, Sun & Ski, Campmor, Wise Company and/or local grocery store.
*Wise Company provides survival food such as long term food storage and dehydrated food. They are pretty cool and they always have good deals going on.  Check them out! You can also purchase some of their products on Amazon.

Storage Container (or) Trash Can with lid. This will keep all of your supplies

Health & Hygiene
First aid Kit
Medicine (Over the counter for pain)
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Soap
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Toilet Paper
Hair Brush
Chap Stick
Baby Wipes

Food & Drink
Canned Goods
Can Opener
Nuts & Snacks
Beef Jerky
Bottled Water
Water Filter

*My recommendation is to get a Binder to keep all these documents stored.
Social Security Cards
House Deed, Survey, Ins. & Other House Docs
Family Photos
Pen, Paper & Map
Important Phone No.s
Flammable Paper for fire

Zip Lock Bags
Change of Clothes
Sleeping Bag
LED Lantern
Radio & Batteries
Lighters/ Matches
Rope & Duck Tape
Trash Bags
Pocket Knife
Flares & Whistle
Solar Blanket
Jumper Cables
Clock w/batteries


A survival kit is so important to have on hand because disasters don’t plan ahead or send you a warning! They just happen.  Plan ahead and be prepared!!!

Have you put together a survival kit? What other items have you included?

*Sending prayers for the victims of Hurricane Harvey

Stay safe.


With gratitude,





Free Printable

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